The Bulletproof Keto Diet Cheat Sheet

Your Goal: Burn More Fat Passively By Eating FAT How? Use FAT as your body’s fuel instead of SUGAR.

The OBJECTIVE: KETOSIS = Burning fat instead of sugar

Step 1: Resolve to Change your lifestyle instead of going on another diet

-    Think long term
-    Believe that the keto lifestyle works
-    Believe that you can do it
-    If other people can do it, you can do it too

Step 2: Displace, Do Not Replace
-    Add keto items to your diet
-    Focus more on ketogenic meals

Step 3: Make the following Meal Plan Choices

-    Focus on fatty food that fits your taste
-    Shoot to feel fuller for a longer period of time
-    Eventually cut out soda
-    Eventually cut out grain-based snacks
 -    Slowly cut out milk-based snacks

Step 4: Wind Down Carbs
-    By this point, you have gotten used to eating keto foods
-    Start to scale down your carb intake dramatically
-    Eat more eggs
-    Eat more avocado

Step 5: Step up Keto Weight Loss with the Following New Habits

-    Eat only when you're hungry
-    Drink first when you get hunger pangs
-    Eat slowly
-    Look at each of your meals as some sort of event
-    Eat more mindfully

Step 6: Finetune your Keto Diet

-    Start to regularize your meal times
-    Eliminate or greatly reduce snacking
-    Eventually, scale down to one or two meals a day
-    Scale down to one meal a day: intermittent fasting
-    If you can, adopt a day-to-day fasting technique


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